April Is National Foot Health Awareness Month: Put Your Feet First!


April is National Foot Health Awareness Month and it’s a great time to consider how much you depend on your feet every day, as well as how important it is to develop habits to keep them healthy and pain-free. Today Dr. William Buffone of North Fork Podiatry/Three Village Podiatry is celebrating the month with important foot-healthy tips.

What Those Symptoms Can Actually Mean

Nearly half of all Americans will experience some kind of foot pain at some point in their lives. Because the foot is such a multifaceted structure that contains more bones than any other part of the human body, it’s no wonder so many people suffer from pain in their feet.

But foot pain is not normal, and it is often a symptom of a more severe underlying condition. While the eyes are the windows into the soul, your feet are the window into your overall health.

Because many symptoms initially appear in the feet, they are excellent gauges for identifying both common and more severe medical conditions. Following are some examples.

  • Inflamed, achy feet can be a sign of something much more serious such as kidney, heart or thyroid problems.

  • Stained toenails might be a sign of a serious underlying disorder, such as liver problems, diabetes or fungus.

  • A loss of hair on your toes could be an indication of diabetes and/or poor circulation.

  • Inflamed joints could be a sign of rheumatoid or osteoarthritis or gout.

  • Cracked heels can be a sign of much more than simply dry skin - it could be a sign of diabetes or a thyroid problem.

  • While most blisters and corns can be the result of wearing shoes that are too tight, they can also indicate a more serious problem, like diabetes.

Foot-Healthy Tips

Dr. William Buffone offers some simple tips to help keep feet healthy and injury-free.

  • Examine your feet daily.

  • Pay close attention to hygiene, especially during the winter when feet are often concealed in socks for long periods of time.

  • Always keep your feet clean and dry.

  • Be on the lookout for age-related changes in your feet, especially in your 50s and 60s; these can include loss of padding in the ball of the foot and heel and arthritis-related stiffness.

  • Wear correctly-fitted shoes that match your activity level.

  • Support your arches; if you’re not sure whether you have high, flat or normal arches, consult a podiatrist who can evaluate your feet.

If you are experiencing any of these issues on an ongoing basis, call the office of Dr. William Buffone of North Fork Podiatry/Three Village Podiatry today to schedule a consultation. You can reach Three Village Podiatry at (631) 474-3338, North Fork Podiatry (Southold) at (631) 765-6777 or North Fork Podiatry (Riverhead) at (631) 419-7107 today or schedule your appointment online.