It’s National Men’s Health Month: Tips For Caring For Your Feet


This month is National Men’s Health Month, and it’s a great time for both men and women to learn how to properly care for their feet. Today, Dr. William Buffone of North Fork Podiatry/Three Village Podiatry is sharing some tips for boosting your foot health.

Caring for your feet is vital because they are important for you to remain physically active and providing a higher quality of life. Check out these tips for caring for your feet.

Avoid injury. Both men and women who are active are at risk for foot and ankle injuries. Pay special attention to protecting your feet, and don’t disregard pain. Foot pain is not normal - if it hurts, see a podiatrist.

Wear properly fitting shoes. Wearing the correct shoes during an activity can protect your feet from injury. However, it’s just as important to wear properly-fitted shoes for your daily activities. Don’t wear shoes that are too big, too tight, or uncomfortable just for the sake of fashion or because you think it doesn’t matter.

Wash your feet daily. No one likes to be around someone with smelly feet, but washing your feet is also good for your foot health. Bacteria and dirt can easily accumulate between unwashed toes and lead to conditions such as Athlete’s Foot.

Trim your nails. One of the most common foot conditions we see is ingrown toenails. While this condition may be unavoidable for some patients due to genetics, others can prevent this painful condition by trimming your toenails properly. Cut the nails straight across and not too deep into the edges, which promotes nail growth into the skin.

Protect your feet in public facilities.  Public showers and locker rooms are hotbeds for bacteria because of the humid and warm environment of these facilities. Donning shower sandals can go a long way in protecting your feet from exposure to bacteria that cause conditions such as Athlete’s Foot or plantar warts.

Exfoliate. Most marketing regarding exfoliation is geared toward women who want beautiful and smooth skin, but it’s actually good for your skin whether you are a female or a male. Exfoliating your feet can help remove dirt buildup and bacteria. And doing this once or twice a week with a good scrub keeps your feet healthy (and it feels great too).

Do you have questions about ankle and foot health? Are you dealing with pain in your feet and need to see a podiatrist? Schedule a consultation with Dr. William Buffone of North Fork Podiatry/Three Village Podiatry today.

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