Avoid Heel Pain With These Training Tips

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There’s definitely truth to the idea of having too much of a good thing! And the same goes for your training habits. While it’s important to get your body ready for sporting activities, too much training can result in an overuse injury like heel pain from plantar fasciitis. So to help you find the proper balance of training, but not training too much, Dr. William Buffone of North Fork Podiatry/Three Village Podiatry is sharing his tips to avoid overuse injuries.

1. Wear proper footwear. Ensuring that your shoes fit well, offer plenty of support and cushion, and are right for your foot type is crucial for keeping heel pain at bay.

2. Purchase custom orthotics. In some cases, the proper footwear isn’t quite enough to keep your feet safe. Custom orthotics provide additional support precisely where you need it, and correct gait and structural abnormalities that can lead to foot problems.

3. Stretch and warm up. Always prepare your body by taking sufficient time to warm up prior to any activity. Stretching your calf muscles and Achilles will help prevent heel pain.

4. Build up your training program gradually. Doing too much too soon is a prescription for trouble. Keep distance increases to less than 10 percent a week, and don’t suddenly decide to elevate your intensity level or change the terrain you’re running on.

5. Include cross training. Recurring stress is the reason for most cases of plantar fasciitis and other overuse injuries. Try breaking things up a little by integrating low-impact activities into your exercise routine like swimming, biking or yoga.

6. Always pay attention to your body. Don’t try to power through your pain - a short rest is better than having to take a long period of time off later.

We hope these training tips help, but if you do experience heel pain from plantar fasciitis, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. William Buffone of North Fork Podiatry/Three Village Podiatry as soon as possible. You can reach Three Village Podiatry at (631) 474-3338, North Fork Podiatry (Southold) at (631) 765-6777 or North Fork Podiatry (Riverhead) at (631) 419-7107 today or schedule your appointment online.