8 Tips to Heal Your Arthritic Foot Pain


May is Arthritis Awareness Month, and if you live with this condition, chances are that you experience the painful effects in your feet. Today, Dr. William Buffone of North Fork Podiatry/Three Village Podiatry is sharing 8 tips to provide relief of arthritis foot pain.

These strategies will help relieve the pain, swelling, and stiffness that arthritis patients often experience:

1. Pain Medications: Offered in both prescription and over-the-counter options, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin, naproxen and ibuprofen are a top-line method for reducing the pain, redness and inflammation associated with arthritis.

2. Proper Footwear: Accurate fit is a key factor in how foot-friendly shoes are. In addition to having to provide enough room for an arthritic joint that may be stiff and swollen, shoes also need to accommodate the hammertoes and bunions that often accompany arthritis.

3. Weight Loss: People with a higher body weight are typically diagnosed with more severe arthritis at an earlier age. Because your foot is a weight-bearing joint, obesity makes the symptoms of arthritis worse.

4. Get Moving:  Research shows that consistent moderate exercise helps maintain joint function, reduces pain and fatigue, and relieves stiffness.

5. Ice or Heat: Cold therapy compresses the blood vessels in the surrounding muscles to decrease blood flow to the joints, thereby reducing inflammation. On the other hand, heat loosens the muscles to decrease spasms and reduce joint stiffness.

6. Orthotic Inserts: Custom orthotics can help soothe arthritic foot pain. They can be customized to alter the mechanics of your foot, or they can be made to be more accommodating to your feet by adding cushioning to support the foot.

7. Physical Therapy: When the initial inflammation has diminished, a physical therapist will create a program of stretching and strengthening to reestablish flexibility and recover strength to reduce stress and increase balance on the foot joints.

8. Steroid Injections: Physicians often recommend steroids like cortisone to help with severe inflammation. When injected into a joint, it can help reduce inflammation and discomfort.

When foot arthritis is more severe and traditional treatment options don’t succeed, surgery may be an option. If you are suffering from the symptoms of arthritic feet, contact Dr. William Buffone of North Fork Podiatry/Three Village Podiatry as soon as possible to schedule an appointment to determine the best course of action.

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